Popular `npm` terminal commands

Find unused npm packages in package.json

Runs depcheck to find all unused packages listed in package.json

Authored by: German Attanasio

Find version of an installed npm package

Lists the version name of an installed package. To see the versions of all installed packages, run `npm list` without passing a package name.

Authored by: TheHippo

Install npm package from GitHub directly

Installs an NPM package from GitHub by specifying the repo and branch. For example, if the repo was `warpdotdev/warp`. the command would be `npm install warpdotdev/warp#main`.

Authored by: user2487135

List all globally installed NPM packages

Lists all globally installed NPM packages, avoiding including any package's dependencies in the view.

Authored by: aris

Reinstall all NPM dependencies

Reinstalls all dependencies by removing the node_modules folder and then reinstalling.

Authored by: himanshu

Remove all global npm modules

Removes all global NPM modules by listing all the global top level modules, and removing all modules that are not actually NPM itself (i.e. don't end with "/NPM")

Authored by: Kai Sternad

Uninstall a local NPM package

Removes a module from `node_modules` but does not update `package.json`. To also remove the package from the list of dependencies in `package.json`, add the `--save` flag.

Authored by: Menztrual

Update each dependency in package.json to the latest version (NPM)

Installs the `npm-check-updates` tool, and runs it to update every package to the latest version.

Authored by: josh3736

Update NPM to the latest version

Updates npm to the latest version .

Authored by: James