What is Commands.dev?

Commands.dev is an open-source, searchable collection of popular terminal commands curated from across the internet. You can look up commands by category (git, android, docker) and each command will tell you exactly what parameters need to be inserted.

Why did we create Commands.dev?

Every engineer has had a moment where they forget a terminal command because it is rarely used or has complex parameters that are hard to understand. When that happens, they’re forced to do a tedious search through their terminal command history or open up an Internet browser just to look through StackOverflow or outdated team wikis.
Commands.dev is meant to fix this problem. By compiling a list of hard-to-remember terminal commands, we hope to become one of the go-to places on the Internet that developers can consult when they hit a wall. No more context-switching or wasting precious engineering time.

How were these commands sourced?

Our team started by collecting commands from common StackOverflow posts, because we believed that would translate to commands that users often have trouble remembering. We’ve also had over 20 contributions from users within our community contribute to this list of commands, and you can see their Github usernames attributed in each corresponding command card.

Can I contribute?

Yes! Check out our open source repo on Github. It is also linked in the header of this site. As our community grows, so will our database of terminal commands. So please don’t be shy to contribute!

How is this related to Workflows in Warp?

If you happen to be a Warp user, this repository powers the workflow menu within Warp so you can search commands within the terminal too. You can essentially think of Workflows as Commands.dev inside the Warp terminal! It just makes it easier for developers to access the list of commands directly, so they don’t need to context switch out of their terminal session into an Internet browser.
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